your life is yours to make

embody your full expression | deepen your relationships | live with meaning


can you say...

☐ I live my life authentically.

☐ I take ownership and responsibility for the life I have.

☐ I nurture and share my gifts and passion with the world.

☐ I accept and express my pleasant and unpleasant emotions and archetypes.

☐ I have intimate relationships that reflect the best in me and where I can grow.

☐ I embody and act on my boundaries, desires, limits, needs, and power. 

☐ I listen to my inspiration, intellect, intuition, and instincts. 

☐ I accept my own process through challenges and trust in my ability to navigate.

☐ I integrate all my spiritual and self-development knowledge together and apply it in my life.

☐ I dance with my darkness, work with my shadows, embrace my sexuality and my polarities.

☐ I feel enjoyment, pleasure, play, energy, and love in my body alone and with others.

☐ I am satisfied with where I am at, with myself, others, work, and life - everything feels meaningful.

Which of these caught your attention, touched your emotions, rippled through your body, and woke your spirit?

They are clues to what you already have and what you are longing for. They point to your next initiation and transformation journey.

I've been well seasoned by the pain and joy of the transformation, I've personally walked these life initiations there and back again. And I do not offer you any one-size-fits-all formula, you will discover it yourself as you move through it. You must find your own way, and make your life - but you do not have to do it alone or without support. I walk beside you as a skilled and experienced ally, acting as your guide and coach on your journey home. 


I see what is hidden, I hear what is unspoken, I feel what is present, and I speak what is needed.


together we can

reveal hidden limiting beliefs and alchemize them into growth opportunities

reconnect what's disconnected within into wholeness and love, so relationships can transform

re-write the stories that hold you back from embodying and expressing who you are with compassion

re-establish meaning and intention that reflect the present into all that you do, and stay centered in your spirituality


my guidance and coaching support your transformation from the inside out - your way


what areas of your life need your attention and my support?

my self

embracing a new identity or loss of it, following your intuition or instincts, trusting yourself and finding your way, or embracing a full range of expression - including the parts deemed less acceptable like your darkness and sexuality.

my relationships

creating authentic and intimate connections with your partner, friends, or family; or letting them go. confidently recognizing and communicating your boundaries, limits, desires, and needs. honoring the relationship.

my spirit

making my soul and heart the leaders of my life, calm my mind and have a deeper connection to life through my body. staying attuned to the greater picture and trusting my place in it. Seeing and experiencing the beauty of life.


meet your personal spiritual guide, life & relational coach


i am jocelyn lee

For nearly a decade I've supported my clients through transformations into new ways of being, relating, and creating a meaningful life integrated with spirituality. I believe in the power of practical magic: the use of spiritual insight for the improvement of everyday living. 

When the path becomes dark, I will point to the moon. When the walls feel closed in, I will ask you to look for the hidden door. When it seems certain there is no other way forward, I will rest with you, then tap you on your wings.

You'll find my approach to be both deeply touching and light-hearted, honest and non-judgemental, integral and embodied, and always empowering. While I look serious, I have a serious sense of humor.

My blend of mystical, academic, tantric, psychedelic, alternative, artistic, multi-cultural, community, and corporate experiences is what makes my approach to guidance and coaching unique. 

I am here to ask you challenging yet necessary questions, expand your perspective, and empower you to take steps forward with trust in yourself.  

If you feel resonance with me, invite me to a free 30-min chemistry call to see if you are ready to have me as your guide, coach, and ally. 

To want to work with me means you are ready for a powerful container in which you can transform yourself. I am ready for you. 


your life is yours to make
- take your first steps to self-mastery


First step starts with a free
30-min chemistry call.

Long-term mindset

I most enjoy working with the long-term in mind because the trust, impact, and growth gained from our relationship exponentially increase over time. Transforming from the inside out for major life changes is an adventure, a good trusted travel companion makes all the difference. From clients that still reach out years later and that deep dive with me regularly over a year, I never take for granted how special our working relationship is. 

The first step is to invite me to a free 30-min chemistry call to see if we are both excited and a good match to work together. 

Reflect on your needs, what you're resonating with, and choose a time/date.