create a meaningful life

live your truth.   create authentic relationships.  love the work you do.


what would happen if you had clarity of self, trust in your path, and empowered action?


you'd take full responsibility and ownership of your life.

Challenges would become learning opportunities instead of barriers. Your successes would be affirmations of what truly matters rather than just something else to check off your list. 

You can make intentional space for yourself to come alive and embody your deepest potential. 

You can be surrounded by relationships that celebrate you, help you grow, and reflect your new way of being.

You can create meaningful work, define your own success, and shift into abundance.

You can enjoy a new way of being.


lead life with your soul and heart, create with your body and mind.


together we can

reveal hidden limiting beliefs and turn them into growth opportunities

reconnect what's disconnected into wholeness and love

re-write the stories that hold you back from embodying who you are

re-establish meaning and intention into all that you do and stay centered in your spirituality


spiritual guidance & life coaching supports your transformation from the inside out


what areas of your life need attention and support?

my self

embracing a new identity or loss of identity, following your intuition, or trusting yourself

my relationships

creating authentic connections with your partner, friends, or family; or letting them go.

my career

exploring a new purpose and calling, shifting lack to abundance, or more meaning in current role

my spirit

making my soul and heart the leaders of my life, calm my mind and have a deeper connection to life.


together, we can define your meaningful life


i am jocelyn lee
your guide & coach

For nearly a decade I've supported my clients through transformations in new ways of being and creating a meaningful life integrated with spirituality. 

I believe in the power of practical magic: the use of spiritual insight for the improvement of everyday living. Together, we co-create what that looks and feels like to you according to your truth, heart, and desires.  

You'll find my approach to be both light-hearted and deeply touching, honest and non-judgemental, integral and embodied, and always empowering.

A blend of mystical, academic, alternative, multi-cultural, community, and corporate experiences is what makes my approach to spiritual guidance and life-coaching unique. 

I am here to ask you challenging yet necessary questions, help you shift your perspective, and empower you to take meaningful steps forward.

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co-created magic

↡↡ inspiring client experiences ↡↡


Ioanna Pechlivanidou
Project Manager, Copenhagen

I worked with Jocelyn on a number of areas – from self-confidence and releasing stress while preparing for a job interview, to relationship conflicts and self-care. Her unique way of being creates a safe space for vulnerability and self-reflection. Immediately you are relaxed with her style and inspired to take action and get real outcomes, while always prioritizing what is really wanted and what is really needed. It is not just talking through issues, but ideas and routines to put in place that helps – that’s what makes Jocelyn different!

from first steps to self-mastery


balance self, relationships, career and spirit

I most enjoy working with my clients long-term and encourage investing in packaged experiences versus single sessions for major life changes. This is to ensure you receive the unwavering support needed to activate your potential and create the necessary changes.

The first step is to schedule a chemistry call to see if we are both excited and a good match to work together. 

Reflect on your needs and get in touch to create the perfect experience for you.


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some of my extra magic


let's get personal

Personalized packages and sessions for your unique needs.

the ex-spirit-ment

Mentorship on your path spiritual wisdom and embodiment.

soul portraits

Intimate videography session of soul essence and sacred words

master of ceremonies

Honour and celebrate your milestones with a sacred ceremony


schedule our chemistry call

let's connect over a free 15-minute chemistry call to see if we're a good match working together. 

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