Community Building

Facilitation is needed everywhere, in and out of work.

We are more than what we do. Being in community with others is how we can experience that.

Over the years of building spaces for connection and openness, I have found myself drawn to supporting women and our unique journey in life - womanhood.

But I also feel the call to touch the lives of all people, regardless of gender. My podcast is that very platform to look at the collective experience of success, work culture, and life purpose.  

Mastermind Group

Founder & Member
Copenhagen, 2019 - present

The mastermind group is to bring women with a project (business, initiative, non-profit, etc.) together to achieve our desires, dreams, and goals.

Women experience leadership in a different way, they meet challenges in the patriarchal system, and they can end up competing with our women rather than collaborating with them. When one rises, we all rise. 

As a group we coach and encourage each other each other on:

  • Focus

  • Accountability 

  • Support

  • Action 

  • Collaboration 

  • Celebration 

Women's Sharing Circle

Founder & Co-Facilitator
Copenhagen, 2018 - present

The Women's Sharing Circle is ​a space for women to take off their work titles, roles as partners and mothers, and to show up as who they are underneath it all. We gather bi-weekly every month.


This is a safe circle to share all aspects and sides of womanhood in the company of sisterhood made of diverse backgrounds. Non-judgement is encouraged through curiosity, advice is only given with consent, and confidentiality is kept so we can truly express freely. 

We are now training new facilitators to support our sisterhood nearing a 100 members. View our public page here for more information.


Podcast: making it 

Creator & Host
redefining success, 2019 - present

Seeing a need for new role models and new narratives for making it in the world - this podcast is redefining success for a new generation by inspiring diverse work cultures & life purposes. Stories of real experiences from real people making it - their way.

I produce, host, and edit every episode and feature local leaders in our community to shine light on those who deserve recognition.

Listen to the podcast.

Blooming Women

Co-Founder & C0-Facilitator
Retreat & Workshop Program, 2019

Blooming women is a retreat and workshop program aimed at empowering women to live fully and authentically to their unique self. By aligning with nature's cycles women can be supported by the changing seasons that mirror the inner cycles of being a woman.

We retreat into nature for two days and five workshops follow to explore the different life stages of a flower as a blueprint to find the strengths in all our seasons.

We are currently preparing for the 2020 program.  |  +45 53 33 13 51