Getting from A to B and learning along the way.

Most people don't know how to work together. There are many types of people. They all want to feel heard and valued and feel like they contribute. Afterall, all companies are made up of people like you and me.

Facilitation is both a science and an art; it is not a destination but an ongoing journey where you meet and support lots of different people.

Having had a lifelong passion for people and culture, I have the natural ability to listen to people and understand them. At the same time I stay up-to-date with different methods to provide structure.

The result is more trust and accountability and everybody can bring their best. They can support the team. They want to support the team.

Team Building & Onboarding

Coordinator & Facilitator
think.dk - Center for the acceleration of change

When you're new it can be difficult to balance doing well at your position while fitting in socially with the rest of the group. Getting off on the right start with familiarity, positivity, and open communication is key for new members to feel confident and appreciated.  Managers and founders have trouble finding time and the experience to facilitate this process.

At think.dk I organized a 5-day on-boarding hackathon with a whole new team of volunteer and interns as a way to bond and build the team in a quick and inspiring manner. Founders and managers participated throughout so that values could be directly transmitted rather than just read about. Together we were able to align on goals while encouraging self-organization of projects and ownership of responsibilities.

'Take the Lead' - Leadership Course

Creator & Teacher
think.dk - Center for the acceleration of change

Being aware of our own and other's leadership style helps the team to work together with synergy. Embodying different roles gives each member confidence to take the lead in various situations that arise.

In this course, we focused on four different ways to lead: transformative, delegative, democratic, and authoritative. We lay the foundations with finding our core values, cementing our vision and goals, and practicing different listening and speaking skills.


The intention is to find one's natural leadership style and learn to value, appreciate and work with those who differ from us. This was reflected by the diverse working backgrounds of the participants in the course, from geologists in the oil industry to founders of charitable telecommunications company.

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